Welcome, erldocs is an alternative to the official erlang documentation (an erldocs-like version here).
The code to generate the documentation can all be found on github, as well as the code for this website. And if you have any bugs to report, please chuck them in issues.

Note: maint refers to Erlang/OTP's git branch; current to the latest release.

Code compatibility: see which Erlang/OTP releases provide the function you use.

Other Erlang apps: over at


maint Download
18.0 ⬇︎  
17.5 ⬇︎   17.4.1 ⬇︎   17.4 ⬇︎   17.3 ⬇︎   17.1 ⬇︎   17.0 ⬇︎   17.0-rc2 ⬇︎   17.0-rc1 ⬇︎  
R16B03-1 ⬇︎   R16B03 ⬇︎   R16B02 ⬇︎   R16B01 ⬇︎   R16B ⬇︎   R16A ⬇︎  
R15B03-1 ⬇︎   R15B03 ⬇︎   R15B02 ⬇︎   R15B01 ⬇︎   R15B ⬇︎  
R14B04 Download
R14B03 Download
R14B02 Download
R14B01 - (extras *) - (couch *) Download
R14B - (extras *) - (couch *) Download
R14A - (extras *) Download
R13B04 ⬇︎   R13B03 ⬇︎   R13B02-1   R13B  
R12B-5 Download
R11B-5 Download


Since the end of September 2013, @daleharvey (email) has handed me the maintenance and porting of this site to GitHub's gh-pages service. I will try and keep the docs up-to-date.

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* Some popular open source libraries are included in this set of documentation